Miscel·lània Zoològica. Volume 8 (1984) Pages: 6-6





“Miscel.lania Zoologica” has been, gradually and throughout the latest editions, putting into practice some of the requirements to update and improve its contents.
In this volume, not only the number of contributions has been increased, but new subjects have also been added to the traditional ones, characteristic to this journal, such as systematics, frmnistics and zoogeography. In Spain, new lines of research are emerging following the development of biologv and this accounts for the need to diversify the variety of subjects. Research on genetics, biochemistry, ethologv and ecology of animal species is invaluable for the study of their taxonomy, evolution and distribution.
“Miscel.lania Zoologica” wishes to exemplijj this process by updating and extending its su bjects.
The diffussion of the joumal has been improved by beingabstracted and cited in many more intemational publications. This exchange of information will indoubtedly help our research.
From the editorial point of view, great care is taken in the form of the conm’butions and therefore, the Instructions for Authors have been renewed. It is necessary that authors follow these so as to aid the pnnting process.
Our desire is that from now on, volumes will be issued regularly in order to maintain the exchange with other journals, to provide continuous information to subscriben and institutions, and to guarantee authors prompt publication of their works.
We hope that throughout this and future editions we will cover al1 the stages needed to accomplish these purposes.

The Editorial Board


1984. Foreword. Miscel·lània Zoològica, 8: 6-6