ISSN: 1578-665X
e-ISSN: 2014-928X

In 2000,  the Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona decided to change the title of its former journal Miscel.lània Zoològica –published since 1958- to Animal Biodiversity and Conservation and to adapt the structure to current trends.  With this modification, we aimed to fill  a gap in the range of Spanish journals and provide zoologists with an international forum to publish their papers. The scope of the journal is wide, encompassing  descriptions of new species as well as  studies on systematics, morphology, biogeography, ecology, ethology, physiology and genetics that emphasise some aspect of conservation biology. The journal publishes original research papers, reviews and discussion  of issues within these fields.  Catalogues, lists of species, and  short notes  should be submitted to our other journal, Arxius de Miscel·lània Zoològica.

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