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Animal Biodiversity and Conservation. Volume 27.1 (2004) Pages: 231-245

Ecosystem management via interacting models of political and ecological processes

Haas, T. C.




The decision to implement environmental protection options is a political one. Political realities may cause a country to not heed the most persuasive scientific analysis of an ecosystem’s future health. A predictive understanding of the political processes that result in ecosystem management decisions may help guide ecosystem management policymaking. To this end, this article develops a stochastic, temporal model of how political processes influence and are influenced by ecosystem processes. This model is realized in a system of interacting influence diagrams that model the decision making of a country’s political bodies. These decisions interact with a model of the ecosystem enclosed by the country. As an example, a model for Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) management in Kenya is constructed and fitted to decision and ecological data.


Social systems, Ecological systems, Influence diagrams


Haas, T. C., 2004. Ecosystem management via interacting models of political and ecological processes. Animal Biodiversity and Conservation, 27: 231-245






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