ISSN: 1695-8950
e-ISSN: 2385-4332

Over the past 20 to 30 years, the natural sciences have experienced an explosion in knowledge accumulation. The time has now come for interdisciplinarity, that is, the interconnection between branches of science that will help to understand processes, not just facts, that will help lead to a comprehensive understanding and open the way to the long sought ‘synthesis’. Monographs of the Museum of Natural Science is the result of this desire to include the various disciplines of the natural sciences in a single publication with a focus on interdisciplinarity and synthesis.

This journal is also the result of a cohesion process followed by all of Barcelona’s public institutions of science. After years of institutional specialization, in parallel with the natural specialization of the natural sciences, the interdisciplinary approach, favored by naturalists at the beginning of last century (and exemplified by the creation of the interdisciplinary Natural Science Commission in Barcelona), is making a comeback.

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