Miscel·lània Zoològica. Volume 8 (1984) Pages: 273-285

La visita al Museu de Zoologia com a eina didàctica: estudi experimental

Prats, C., Flos, J.




The visit to the Museum of Zoology as a didactic tool: an experimental study
In this article, a pedagogical experiment to verify the influence of a visit to the Zoology Museum of Barcelona on the preparation of a given school lesson, is described. The effect of two different types of exhibit, corresponding to two themes, the honey bees and the animal classification, s e compared. Seven hundred and fifty two students, aging 11 to 12, from 25 classes of sixth-gaders and belonging to 18 different Barcelona schools, participated in ihis experience. In this paper, the measuremerits taken through testing (both control and experimental populations) corresponded to kriowledge, logic and motivation. From the analysis of vanance we conclude: a) The results for the two exhibit subjects are slightly different; b) To prepare either of the lessons in the museum is better than to do so only at school; c) To visit the museum previously, to see either of the two lessons, has a positive effect on the study at school of the other one. In fact, there are not perceivabie differences between the results obtained by those that prepared the lesson in the museum


Prats, C., Flos, J., 1984. La visita al Museu de Zoologia com a eina didàctica: estudi experimental. Miscel·lània Zoològica, 8: 273-285