Aims and scope

ISSN: 1130-4995
e-ISSN: 2385-4499

Treballs del Museu de Geologia de Barcelona,  TMGB, is a scientific publication released periodically by the Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona (Natural Science Museum of Barcelona). The aim of the journal is to promote and disseminate research in the various branches of the Earth Sciences.

TMGB will consider for publication original papers dealing with:

  • local and regional geology and palaeontology
  • systematic revisions and descriptions of new taxa
  • illustrated catalogues of geological and palaeontological collections
  • studies of mineral deposits and associated mineral species
  • studies related with geological and mining heritage
  • other descriptive studies related to any branch of Earth Sciences (topics related to history of Earth Sciences, etc)

Submitted articles are subject to a pre-review by the editorial board. If deemed suitable for publication, they will be forwarded to expert referees.

TMGB is committed to quick publication and wide diffusion of its content, so that the papers are published in fully open-access. The journal is abstracted in the following databases: Geobase, Geological Abstracts, Latindex and Zoological Record.

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