Treballs del Museu de Geologia de Barcelona. Volume 21 (2015) Pages: 45-74

Llorenç Tomàs (1868-1916), naturalista amateur, gestor cultural i… cartògraf?

Aragonès, E.



Llorenç Tomàs, amateur naturalist, cultural manager and… cartographer? A cartographic set of four serial, unfinished, unpublished and unknown palaeogeographic maps of Catalonia in which Llorenç Tomàs appears as director, is studied. Previously, the biography and bibliography of the author has been reviewed; in it, there is not any similar issue. The work presents outstanding coincidences with those published by his teacher, Norbert Font i Sagué, in 1905, although the scale is increased and fills two of the voids left by this last (Silurian and Trias-Jurassic). Use of normative Catalan in the legends allows situating this cartographic work after 1913; the author’s death three years later would be the reason to have remained unfinished. The absence of institutional documentation related to this work points out that Tomàs did it by his own initiative, probably with the intention to carry out an old idea of Font: to represent in high scale 3D maps the progressive apparition of Catalonia along geological times.


History of Geology, Llorenç Tomàs, Catalonia


Aragonès, E., 2015. Llorenç Tomàs (1868-1916), naturalista amateur, gestor cultural i… cartògraf?. Treballs del Museu de Geologia de Barcelona, 21: 45-74, DOI:



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